Book: The Confessor

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The Confessor

Author: Daniel Silva
Publisher: Large Print Press

In Munich, a Jewish scholar is assassinated. In Venice, Mossad agent and art restorer Gabriel Allon receives the news, puts down his brushes, and leaves immediately. And at the Vatican, the new pope vows to uncover the truth about the church’s response to the Holocaust-while a powerful cardinal plots his next move.

Now, as Allon follows a trail of secrets and unthinkable deeds, the lives of millions are changed forever-and the life of one man becomes expendable…


Gabriel Allon, Daniel Silva’s protagonist in an interesting series about a Mossad spy who doubles as an art restorer, returns in a fascinating tale of Vatican complicity in the Holocaust. Author Silva, a political journalist turned espionage writer, has done his homework on some recently unearthed documents and written a fast-paced novel that will reawaken the discussion regarding whether the Catholic Church turned a blind eye to Nazi atrocities against Jews in occupied countries during World War II, and if so, why. Allon remains an enigmatic figure whose desire for revenge against the Leopard, the assassin who killed his wife and child, compels him to put down his paints and brushes and take arms against Israel’s past and present enemies. The Confessor is a solidly plotted, well-crafted story that will appeal to fans of Allen Furst, John le Carré, and other standouts in the international espionage genre. —Jane Adams

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“Who the hell are you?” Benjamin Stern’s rude question to the intruder in his apartment was answered quickly by an equally rude—and fatal—bullet. This is only the first shot in The Confessor, Daniel Silva’s rapidly thrusting thriller. This adroitly plotted, multilayered novel features Gabriel Allon, the ex-Mossad operative art restorer who held us enthralled in The Kill Artist and The English Assassin.

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