Book: The Delicate Storm

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The Delicate Storm

Author: Giles Blunt
Publisher: Berkley Publishing Group

The third week in January in Algonquin Bay: A freak warm front has rolled in, making it feel like April and enticing the locals into shedding their down parkas and strolling the streets. But the warm weather has also brought the bears out of hibernation, and they have come out hungry. Suddenly the stakes turn ugly when an auto mechanic discovers a mauled human arm in his yard, and the cops determine that its owner was dead before the bears got to him. A search of the surrounding woods turns up body parts placed exactly where the bears were most likely to find them. A homicide, then, but who is the victim?

As detectives John Cardinal and Lise Delorme wrestle with what soon becomes a trail of misinformation about the victim’s identity, another body is found in the woods—a young woman, apparently raped. There has to be a connection: two bodies abandoned in the woods within days of each other cannot be a coincidence in a small town like Algonquin Bay. Then police records reveal an unsolved murder with the same MO—a woman found in the nearby woods, also apparently raped. It isn’t long before the two homicide detectives are following a trail that leads back thirty years to yet another open murder case—this one linked to Quebec terrorists—then twists forward to the mysterious unidentified first victim.

Logic suggests all these murders are connected. Evidence is less convincing. And somewhere, a murderer—smart and powerful—is walking free.

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