Book: The Eighth Day

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The Eighth Day: A Thriller

Author: John Case
Publisher: Ballantine Books

For Danny Cray, a struggling artist and part-time private investigator, the offer is too good to be true. A wealthy, enigmatic lawyer, Jude Belzer, would like to retain Danny for a little damage control. His client, an elusive billionaire named Zerevan Zebet, is the target of a vicious campaign in the Italian press that threatens to destroy his reputation. Belzer wants Danny to find out who is responsible—and he will pay handsomely.

Danny’s only lead is the meager estate of a recently deceased professor of religious studies, a man so deeply terrified that he buried himself alive in the basement of an isolated farmhouse. Belzer swears that if Danny can get at the late professor’s files, the conspiracy against his own reclusive client will unravel. It’s the perfect assignment, in a way, and Danny can sure use the money. But the more he probes, the more apparent it becomes that nothing is what it seems. There is something he isn’t being told. Something that’s not quite right. Something dark, fast, and sinister that’s coming at him from behind.

From the powerful world of Washington, D.C., to the ancient grandeur of Rome, from the mysteries of Istanbul to the high-stakes drama of Silicon Valley, The Eighth Day is a briskly paced, globe-trotting thriller of electrifying suspense. Packed with unexpected reversals and astonishing twists of plot, this is John Case’s most gripping novel to date.


When part-time legal investigator and full-time artist Danny Cray gets a chance to pick up some extra cash trying to trace the source of a smear campaign against a mysterious European tycoon, he jumps at it eagerly. But all is not as it seems in this taut, intricately plotted thriller—except Danny, of course, who turns out to possess unexpected resources of grit and brains. The action moves from Washington to Geneva to that volatile area of Turkey where tribal politics, religion, and corruption collide with explosive results. John Case mixes strong descriptive prose, interesting characters, a powerful narrative, and a dramatic denouement to come up with a sure winner in his fourth novel, one fans of Ludlum and le Carré are sure to enjoy. —Jane Adams'

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