Book: The House of Morgan

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The House of Morgan: An American Banking Dynasty and the Rise of Modern Finance

Author: Ron Chernow
Publisher: Publishers Group West

The House of Morgan is the most ambitious history ever written about an American banking dynasty. Hailed as an investigative masterpiece, it traces the trajectory of the J. P. Morgan empire from its obscure beginnings in Victorian London to the crash of 1987 and beyond. A rich, panoramic story of four generations of Morgans and the powerful, secretive firms they spawned, it is the definitive account of the rise of the modern financial world.

From the period glamor of the late nineteenth century to secret alliances during both world wars, The House of Morgan is studded with startling revelations about the men and women—Henry Ford, Franklin Roosevelt, Nancy Astor, Winston Churchill, Adnan Khashoggi, Paul Volcker, and many others—who have transformed the financial and political world in the past 150 years.

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