Book: The Innamorati

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The Innamorati

Author: Midori Snyder
Publisher: Tor Books

Do you know the city Labirinto? It is said that when pilgrims enter the maze in good faith, any curses that hound them will be lost within the turns of the maze.

Among the pilgrims are: Anna Forsetti, the best mask-maker in Venice, who can no longer make masks; Captain Rinaldo Gustiano, the deadliest duelist in Milan, who longs to give up the sword that rules his life; Fabrizio, the would-be actor in the Commedia dell’ Arte, who cannot speak without stuttering; and Erminia, the siren, condemned to a silent exile far from the sea and from her native island.

These, with their lovers, their enemies, their drinking buddies, and their chance-met companions, journey across a richly imagined Renaissance Italy alive with adventures and magic, to meet in the great Labyrinth, where their adventures will grow ever more baroque, comical, and magical, until they achieve the heart of the maze and, perhaps, their hearts’ desire.

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