Book: The Jupiter Myth

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The Jupiter Myth: A Marcus Didius Falco Mystery

Author: Lindsey Davis
Publisher: Mysterious Press

The fourteenth Falco novel is a tale of love, gangsters and female gladiators—including one from Falco’s own past.

Falco and his family are staying in London when Falco is summoned to the scene of a murder. The victim, Verovolcus, was a renegade with ties to Roman crime magnates operating in London, but he was also close to King Togidubnus. So when he is discovered stuffed head-first down a well, a tricky diplomatic situation develops that Falco must defuse, and which leads him into the seedy underbelly of London. There is a newly built amphitheatre in town, with female gladiators, but Falco soon realizes that the initially troublesome gladiators—including one from his own bachelor past—may just give him the edge he needs to solve Verovolcus’ murder, as the gangsters are pursued back to the Italian town of Ostia for a final showdown.


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A direct sequel to her Body in the Bathhouse, this 14th installment in Lindsey Davis’s ancient Rome–based mystery series finds Roman private eye Marcus Didius Falco in Britannia, where he has just wrapped up a murder investigation at the command of his emperor. Though he finds Britannia dreary, he had gladly accepted the assignment, using it as a good excuse to spirit his sister out of Rome and away from a vengeful ex-suitor.

Now, bogged down (almost literally) in the muddy streets of Londinium, where his uncle by marriage holds a government post, Falco is faced with yet another murder when the disgraced henchman of an important local ally is shoved headfirst into a well. Of course, everyone assumes Falco will be delighted to solve the case before leaving Britannia. But as he starts investigating, he quickly discovers that Roman gangsters—exactly the sort that he’d tackled before and had hoped never to confront again—are moving to dismal-but-profitable Londinium and making their presence known.

Davis’s witty, wonderful, award-winning series provides a richly detailed glimpse of the ancient world. It also showcases truly first-rate mystery stories! —Sue Stone

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