Book: The Lake Effect

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The Lake Effect: A Milan Jacovich Mystery

Author: Les Roberts
Publisher: St. Martin's Minotaur

Milan is a man who honors his commitments, even when it’s the Mob from whom he was forced to ask a favor. So when Mafia heir Victor Gaimari decides to cash in his marker, the Slovenian detective can only acquiesce.

To his relief, the job is a tame one. Milan is to go out to Lake Shore Estates for the conclusion of a political event, act as bodyguard for the woman who is running for mayor, and report regularly to Victor on the progress of her campaign. Small potatoes, right?

Milan’s first encounter with his client, Barbara Corns, makes him feel that the woman hasn’t a chance even if Lake Erie does freeze over. She is a painfully shy and ineffective woman, a weak speaker who seems to have no real issue or platform. During public appearances, Evan True, her opponent and the incumbent, walks all over her. In spite of unsavory family problems, True will be a shoo-in. So why is Victor Gaimari interested? Milan doesn’t know, but when there’s a murder, he has to find out.

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