Book: The Man Who Made Time Travel

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The Man Who Made Time Travel

Author: Kathryn Lasky, Kevin Hawkes
Publisher: Farrar Straus Giroux

Who would solve one of the most perplexing scientific problems of all time?

This dramatic picture-book biography brings to life — with illustrations that glow with wit and inspiration — the fascinating story of the quest to measure longitude. While the scientific establishment of the eighteenth century was certain that the answer lay in mapping the heavens, John Harrison, an obscure, uneducated clockmaker, dared to imagine a different solution: a seafaring clock. How Harrison held fast to his vision and dedicated his life to the creation of a small jewel of a timepiece that would change the world is a compelling story — as well as a memorable piece of history, science, and biography.

Describes the need for sailors to be able to determine their position at sea and the efforts of John Harrison, an eighteenth century man who spent his life refining instruments to enable them to do this.

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