Book: The Mexican Tree Duck

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The Mexican Tree Duck

Author: James Crumley
Publisher: Mysterious Press

It seems that no one can find Sarita Cisneros Pines—not her well-connected Republican husband, not the FBI, not even a group of violence-prone guys with vaguely South American accents. And when Sughrue starts searching, working his way from Montana to Aspen, to the Mexican border, he comes up empty too. Empty but for a woman and infant who become Sughrue’s responsibility and obsession…the small, strange, hollowed-out sculpture of a duck that means more than he can imagine—and the blood that keeps getting spilled on his shoes. Sughrue, along with a ragged band of Vietnam buddies, a tough-talking female undercover deputy, and an assorted cast of wanderers, lawbreakers, and lost souls, is in the middle of a war he can’t understand. And unlike his last war, C.W. will fight this one to the end, trying to separate traitors from friends and the enemy from the innocent.

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