Book: The Nightmare Factory

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The Nightmare Factory

Author: Thomas Ligotti
Publisher: Carroll & Graf Publishers

In the realm of the supernatural, Thomas Ligotti is the master of stylish, eerie writing of the highest quality. This new edition brings together his collected short stories with ‘Teatro Grottesco’, a sequence of new stories not published before.


Thomas Ligotti, in his own words, writes of “a world that both surpasses and menaces this one.” He is the contemporary master of the “weird tale,” and yet his style is so intellectually intriguing, he has as much in common with Borges and Kafka as with Lovecraft and Machen. If you haven’t discovered Ligotti yet, this edition is a great opportunity to do so: it collects all 39 stories from previous collections, plus 6 new ones—also, a forward by Poppy Z. Brite, and an introduction by Ligotti on “What are the consolations of horror?”

For more on Ligotti, see reviews of Songs of a Dead Dreamer, Grimscribe: His Life and Works, and Noctuary.

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