Book: The Poisoned Rose

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The Poisoned Rose

Author: D. Daniel Judson
Publisher: Bantam

The rich don’t have more secrets—they just bury them deeper

Trouble always seems to find Declan MacManus…and it finds him again one rain-swept October night when the part-time P.I.—and full-time outsider—gets caught in the middle of a brutal homicide. To the rich and untouchable of Southampton, longtime locals like MacManus are little more than background scenery. Set up to take the fall in a nasty case of double-dealing and multiple murder, Mac follows a serpentine trail that leads through the murky waters of his past—and into the twisted heart of a prominent East End family he once knew well. As the lines between past and present, rich and poor, right and wrong begin to blur, a decades-old secret emerges from behind the closed doors of the Hamptons’ moneyed enclaves—and a town sworn to protect its own declares open season on anyone who stands in its way. Mac is first in line…

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