Book: The Seventh Knot

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The Seventh Knot

Author: Kathleen Karr
Publisher: Marshall Cavendish Corporation

The adventure of two resourceful teens, their curmudgeon uncle, his mysterious butler, and Albrecht Durer It’s summer vacation, 1896.

Wick and his brother Miles are banished to Europe for the Grand Tour with rich and cantankerous Uncle Eustace, who is on a mission to purchase art for his mansion. When the millionaire’s mysterious valet, Jose Gregorio, vanishes, Wick and Miles set off on a high-flying chase across Italy and Germany. The brothers are in search of the missing valet and six curious woodcuts by Albrecht Durer, an art superstar of the Renaissance, which may hold clues to the servant’s disappearance. Unwittingly they become entangled in an international ring of conspirators whose love of Durer has been twisted to achieve evil goals. With quick wits and a little luck, Miles and Wick manage to survive medieval dungeons, proto-zeppelins, and intrigue to save the world from a dark force masquerading as a benign secret society.

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