Book: The Summer Isles

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The Summer Isles

Author: Ian R. MacLeod
Publisher: Aio Publishing Company

In this fine work of fiction by award-winning author Ian R. MacLeod, a chilling alternate history unfolds…An elderly English historian sways between memories of his life’s true love and his efforts to change his nation’s course. Britain has lost the first world war and turned to fascism, and as a homosexual the narrator suffers both fear and the loss of his lover to the government, while the ordinary populace enjoys shiny modernity and with it the envy of other nations. MacLeod’s tale shows convincingly that no individual or nation is immune from totalitarianism, and the identity of his British dictator forms a twist that, both beguilingly and deceptively, never stops turning.

This is theoriginal novel version of the novella also entitled The Summer Isles. The novella went on to be nominated for the 1999 Hugo Award and won both the 1999 World Fantasy Award and 1999 Sidewise Award for Alternate History, but until now the novel has not been published in its original form. In the introduction, the author writes, “It is, I still think, my most rounded and complete work, and deals with an important, if not vital, subject.”

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