Book: The Ultimate Dinosaur Book

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The Ultimate Dinosaur Book

Author: David Lambert
Publisher: DK Publishing Inc

Dinosaur remains were first identified some 170 years ago, but there is still much to find out about these extraordinary prehistoric creatures. The Ultimate Dinosaur Book will appeal to all ages: its evocative text and more than 500 magnificent color illustrations reveal dinosaurs and their world as never before.

Stories of Life and Death: Author David Lambert provides fascinating insight into how dinosaurs lived and died, including an explanation of various theories of extinction. The introductory section is a dramatically illustrated, concise exploration of every aspect of dinosaur anatomy and behavior, from body structure to breeding, from fighting to feeding.

The Diversity of Dinosaurs: At the core of The Ultimate Dinosaur Book are 55 superbly detailed, full-color dinosaur profiles. Every major group is represented, from four-story-high brachiosaurids to chicken-sized compsognathids. Lifelike models, illustrations, and specially commissioned photographs of fossilized remains are annotated to emphasize important features.

A to Z of All Known Dinosaurs: The final section is a brief guide to every known dinosaur type, including the pronunciation and meaning of dinosaur names, what different dinosaurs looked like, when and where they lived, and how they are classified. Lavishly illustrated, comprehensive and featuring the world’s best dinosaur specimens, The Ultimate Dinosaur Book is the one-volume reference every dinosaur lover will have to have.


Gone are the days of Holly riding a baby bronto in Land of the Lost and Raquel Welch fending off stop-motion dinosaurs in One Million Years BC Whether we’re at the movies or in a museum, we want the straight, scientific scoop on dinos—especially if “we” happen to be kids.

Enter the Ultimate Dinosaur Book, a fully illustrated field guide to the Mesozoic. Working with the Natural History Museum, publisher Dorling Kindersley has assembled hundreds of colour photos, diagrams, and drawings, while enlisting the expert assistance of author David Lambert (winner of both the New York Academy of Sciences Award and the Children’s Book Council Award). Beginning with straightforward sections on evolution and dinosaur behaviour and physiology (any self-respecting child should be able to tell a “bird-hipped” dinosaur from a “lizard-hipped” one), the book launches into impressive, illustrated profiles of over 50 different dinosaurs. From the Theropods to the Marginocephalians, each specimen gets a two-page spread (or more, for the big-name beasties). The profiles will likely teach you a thing or two you didn’t know (eight hearts in the Barosaurus?), and a few you did (Stegosauruses regulate heat with their plates, of course), but the book’s best feature may be its “A to Z of Dinosaurs” in the back: the comprehensive list includes every currently known dinosaur genera, with a pronunciation guide and short description.

With Lambert’s precise but friendly text and DK’s legendarily clean, evocative graphics, the Ultimate Dinosaur Book is as close as you’ll get to a walking tour of the Mesozoic. (And, hey, somebody tell Holly: that was a baby Apatosaurus she was riding.) —Paul Hughes

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