Book: The Wall of the Sky, the Wall of the Eye

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The Wall of the Sky, the Wall of the Eye: Stories

Author: Jonathan Lethem
Publisher: Harcourt

Seven stories by the author of Gun, with Occasional Music, Amnesia Moon, and the bestselling As She Climbed Across the Table.

Genre-bending, acid, extravagant, funny, surreal, and above all brilliant, Johnathan Lethem is “the hottest young author in the science fiction field.” (The Washington Post)

Enter his world at your own risk…and prepare to be changed.


Jonathan Lethem continues his unique brand of storytelling with this collection of seven short works. There is no mistaking his range or ability as he writes skillfully about subjects as various as Hell and the NBA. As usual, reading Lethem is a bit like staring at an upside-down Picasso in black light with 3-D glasses—intensely interesting, often confusing, rampantly inventive and never dull. The underpinning of this book is not a theme or an idea but rather Lethem’s pure, unleashed talent and a mind that can come up with ideas that will jolt even seasoned SF readers.

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