Book: The Wessex Papers: Volume 1. Trust Falls

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The Wessex Papers: Volume 1. Trust Falls

Author: Daniel Parker
Publisher: Avon
Hey man,
This place is crazy. They (I’m not exactly sure who “they” are, but that oaf of a dorm counselor I told you about is at the top of the list for sure) actually planted chewing tobacco in some kid’s bag so that they could expel him. And I thought all I’d have to put up with this year was a bunch of spoiled brats with platinum cards.
James, an evil stench is wafting through the air here at Wessex Academy, and it smells just like a conspiracy.
Gotta go,

Alumni brat Sunday Winthrop and new student Fred Bushmill’s pranks lead to their uncovering a sinister blackmail ring—one that will stop at nothing to incriminate one of their friends.

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