Book: The Wessex Papers: Volume 3. Outsmart

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The Wessex Papers: Volume 3. Outsmart

Author: Daniel Parker
Publisher: Avon
Date: October 23
From: Headmaster Olsen
To: Pearson Ellis
Re: Winslow Ellis
Dear Mr. Ellis:
As you know, I’ve always held your son in the highest esteem. It pains me to have to inform you of his involvement in various illegal and immoral money-making schemes on the Wessex campus. Details attached.
Winslow is at a critical juncture in his education and can not afford any blemishes on his record. Toward that end, I am offering to overlook his transgressions in exchange for a donation of $300,000 to the enclosed account number.
I trust you will take care of this matter in a timely fashion.
Phillip Olsen

In the satisfying conclusion Sunday and Fred pull off the scam of the century—and beat the blackmailers at their own game.

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