Book: Till the Cows Come Home

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Till the Cows Come Home

Author: Judy Clemens
Publisher: Poisoned Pen Press

Stella Crown works hard and loves her life. She runs her own dairy farm with the trusted help of longtime assistant Howie, rides her Harley on the weekends, and has enough friends to suit her just fine.

But on her twenty-ninth birthday, things start to change. A neighborhood child dies from a strange and threatening illness, a string of mysterious disasters place Stella and her farm in peril, not to mention her friend Abe showing up with a new woman on his arm, creating confusing emotions all around. Electrical outages, flooded barns, and cows running loose in the countryside are bad enough, but when her livestock begins turning up dead, Stella knows someone, or something, is out to get her. Though doctors quickly announce the discovery of the neighbor child’s cause of death, another child dies before they can declare victory over the illness, sending the community into a state of near panic.

While trying to solve the mystery behind her own troubles, Stella begins to think she alone might hold the answers to the children’s deaths. Striking out on her own, afraid to trust anyone—friends, neighbors, or the gorgeous stranger she’s fallen for—Stella must find her enemy before anyone else, including herself, ends up dead.

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