Book: Trujillo

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Author: Lucius Shepard
Publisher: Night Shade Books

In the last few years, Shepard has been utterly inspired, producing story after brilliant story. Now Trujillo—his biggest and best collection to date—assembles the cream of this extraordinary output: one novel, six novellas, and four novelettes, all of them portals into the most extreme and terrifying possibilities of contemporary existence.

Discover here a Russian nightclub that is also a metaphysical kingdom, the realm of terminal disillusionment; encounter here the strange ghosts and apocalypses latent in the War on Terror; read here of prison as Purgatory, of UFOs as emblems of criminal despair, of the merciless imperatives of evolution emerging from African jungles to remake the human race. And explore here, in five especially intense tales, the seedy yet magical precincts of Trujillo, where native Hondurans and expatriate Americans alike confront the illusory, demonic, and uncertainly redemptive essentials of memory and the human soul.

Trujillo is an unforgettable cornucopia of vision and violence-the story collection of the year.

The Trujillo from PS Publishing is a collection (1 novel, 6 novellas, 4 novelettes) and was nominated for a World Fantasy Award. The Trujillo from Night Shade Books contains only the novel.

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