Book: Voyeur (Daniel Judson)

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Author: D. Daniel Judson
Publisher: Minotaur Books

Remer was an effective Manhattan P.I. until one of his targets found a nasty way to force him into an early retirement. Since then, he has been living an anonymous life, running a liquor store in Southampton, and doing his best to stay in the shadows without ties to anyone or anything. Then a voice from his past reaches out for help, and he agrees to work one last case—a missing person—in order to escape the threat he’s lived under for six years.

Trouble is, even if he finds Mia Ferrara, even if she’s safe, that might not be enough.

Shamus Award winner Daniel Judson’s irresistible noir styling and impeccably drawn heroes—so beset and so human—make Voyeur his most searing thriller yet.

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