Book: Warehouse

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Author: Keith Gray
Publisher: Red Fox

'I know a place you can go'. It's a secret place hidden among the run down buildings of the derelict dockyards. A community of young people who have gathered in an old warehouse to get away from a world they don't fit in to. Through separate but interweaving narratives, Warehouse tells the stories of three of the community's members.

There's Robbie who is running away from his violent older brother, Frank, and needs some space to realise that the beatings are not his fault. Amy, who's supposed to be travelling in Europe but has had her rucksack stolen and is too proud to ask her smothering family for help. And then there's Lem, an ex-drug-addict and founder of the Warehouse community, whose perceived role as leader by the other young people is too much for him to cope with.

A gripping story about a community of runaways.

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