Book: Writers of the Purple Sage

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Writers of the Purple Sage

Author: Barbara Burnett Smith
Publisher: St Martins Pr

Judge Volney Osler was a respected, well-liked resident of Purple Sage, Texas—or at least that’s what most people thought, right up to the day he was murdered. Unfortunately for aspiring writer Jolie Wyatt, the murder was an exact copy of one she had outlined in her novel-in-progress. And who should have fought with the judge right in the middle of town the day before but Jolie? Eager to deflect suspicion from herself, Jolie, a relative newcomer to the small town, begins to investigate, focusing reluctantly on the members of her writing group and the assistant chief of police, all of whom had access to her manuscript and knew about her unusual murder method. In the meantime, she still has to contend with a typically contrary teenaged son, her continuing job search, and confusion over her relationship with her ex-husband, rancher Matt Wyatt. A small town keeps its secrets close, but Jolie perseveres in digging, only to discover more than a few people with reason to kill the judge—and maybe herself as well.

With humor and flair, first-time novelist Barbara Burnett Smith has introduced an engaging new sleuth, and readers will applaud the appearance of smart, sassy Jolie Wyatt.

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