Welcome to the Award Annals (AA) website (the site) owned and operated by Kenny Lucius. The purpose of this page is to clarify copyright issues that pertain to the site’s content. If you are interested in these issues, it is assumed that you intend to perform one of two actions:

  • to submit copyrighted material to the site
  • to reproduce and distribute some portion of the site

If you have some other purpose, feel free to contact the owner.

Site Content

Excepting content noted below, all the site’s content is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike License. The text of the license may be accessed by clicking the “CC” logo that appears on each page.

Content owned by associated sources

AA is formally associated with several companies that sell creative works (CWs). These companies provide their marketing materials to their associates for the sole purpose of promoting the sale of the CW. AA reproduces some of these marketing materials. The source of these materials shall be clearly identified, and a link to their source shall be provided on the same page, thereby promoting the sale of the CW.

The site currently uses marketing materials from these sources:

  • Barnes and Noble

The permission granted to AA by these sources is NOT extended to any other person or website. Any material attributed to these sources is subject to the terms and restrictions set forth by the source.

Fair use content

There is one type of content used liberally on the site: marketing material from publishers, distributors, studio, or labels (hereafter referred to as “publishers”). The description of a CW—that text that appears first on the CW page and also on the “listings” such as honor rolls—is sometimes original, but more often copied from the CW packaging or the publisher’s marketing material. The photographs of a CW’s cover is also the property of the publisher. Such material is intended to market the CW, and it is considered “fair use” to use such material for that purpose without obtaining permission from the publisher.

Submitting copyrighted material

Publishers’ Descriptions

Any text supplied by the publisher may be submitted as long as it is used to market the book. The site features award-winning CWs and provides links to merchants on every CW page, and so fullfills that requirement. Keep in mind that a publisher’s description should never be used on a page that presents the CW in a negative light.


If you write a review, you own the copyright on that review and may submit it knowing that you are releasing it under the Creative Commons license described in the footer of every page of the site.

Reviews written by other individuals are considered copyrighted and should not be submitted.

Reviews that you find on websites are copyrighted and should not be submitted.

You may submit reviews copied from a source in association with AA and from whom AA is permitted such license. The review should be clearly identified in this way:

  • It should be in its own section without any other text.
  • The section heading should name the source.
  • It should be immediately followed by a section that clearly indicates the end of the source-owned material, or the end of the page.

Currently, a page with reviews is formatted like this:


Blah blah.

Barnes and Noble

Blah blah.

Related Works

clearly not part of the review

The source of the review is clearly marked, and there are links to the source’s website on the page.

Cover images

Photographs of the cover of a book, DVD, or album are the property of the publisher so long as they contain only the cover and no other elements that may be considered property of the photographer. It is considered “fair use” to use cover art to market the CW. Posters do not necessarily fall into the “fair use” category. If the poster is a collector’s item, or otherwise considered a product that is separate from the CW itself, then using an image of the poster to market the CW may require permission from the publisher.

Information about award organizations

Some award organizations have well-written and informative pages about their award. Permission to reproduce these might be obtained with an email and included on the award page, in a section with a <:reference> documenting the permit.


All copyrighted material that does not fall into one of the categories discussed above must not be submitted without the written consent of the copyright holder. Note that the holder must consent to the material being distributed under the Creative Commons License unless special arrangements, such as those made for associated source, are discussed and agreed upon.

Reproducing portions of this site

The site contains material copyrighted by other sources, and you may not copy it. Such material is described above. It is your responsibility to make yourself aware of the source of materials and seek permission from the source.

All other material is licensed under the Creative Commons License indicated in the footer of this page. You may reproduce, redistribute, and/or modify any of it subject to license restrictions, which are summarized here:

  • Attribution: You must attribute the reproduction to this site, preferably with a link.
  • Noncommercial: You may not use the material for commercial purposes without consent.
  • Share Alike: If you modify the material, you must distribute it under a license compatible with this one.
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