Director: Anthony Hickox

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Film:Hellraiser III

Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth

Anthony Hickox

From horror legend Clive Barker comes “the ultimate in fear!” Dan Scapporotti, Cinefantastique. Some call him the Black Prince of Hell. Some call him the Angel of Suffering. The horror fans everywhere, he’s Pinhead (Doug Bradley), the urbane, spike-faced minion of evil with a bloodlust for human souls. Now Pinhead’s back in the most diabolical Hellraiser of them all—Hellraiser III: Hell On Earth!

TV reporter Joey Summerskill (Terry Farrell, Back To School) is on assignment at a local hospital when a bloodied teenage boy is rushed into the emergency room. As Joey watches, the writhing boy is literally torn apart by chains impaling his body. Fleeing the carnage, Joey follows the victim’s girlfriend to a downtown nightclub, the Boiler Room. In the apartment above the Boiler Room rests the owner’s newly purchased sculpture: A pillar etched with distorted figures and faces. Among the frozen images is Pinhead. Tonight he shall be released.

Film:Waxwork (1988)


Anthony Hickox

In Waxwork a waxwork museum appears overnight in an American small town and sinister showman David Warner invites a group of typical teens to a midnight party. However, as expected, the place is home to nasty secrets, and the blundering kids find themselves transported via the exhibits into the presence of “the 18 most evil men in history”. What this means is that the film gets to trot out gory vignettes featuring such horror staples as Count Dracula (played inaptly with designer stubble and a Clint croak by ex-Tarzan Miles O’Keefe), the Marquis de Sade,…

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