Director: Claude Miller

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Film:Class Trip: (La Classe De Neige)

Class Trip: (La Classe De Neige)

Claude Miller

In Class Trip (La Classe De Neige), Nicolas is an insecure child plagued by visions of disaster. His peers tease him, or ignore him, while his teachers are frustrated by his lack of social skills. Nicolas leads a lonely life until a class trip to the ski country, where Hadkann, the class bully, befriends him and becomes intrigued by his dreams. When one of Nicolas’s visions mirrors a true-life murder, he and Hadkann set out to solve the crime. Claude Miller directs Class Trip with a deft and subtle hand. Adapted from Emmanuel Carrere’s acclaimed novel of the same name, Miller takes his audience inside the mind of an emotionally damaged child. He recalls the intense social hierarchy of childhood, combining it with the psychological suspense of an unseen killer, and the haunting beauty of the French countryside. His previous works include Alias Betty and La Petite Lili.

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