Director: Eli Roth

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Eli Roth

Two Americans and one Icelander hike to a hostel in Slovakia where, they are told, beautiful girls will have sex with anyone sporting an American accent. Unfortunately, the truth is somewhat more gruesome. The girls sell young men to a company that provides torture victims to the rich and twisted, and Americans fetch a handsome price.

Film:Cabin Fever

Cabin Fever

Eli Roth

A sneaky and surprisingly smart horror flick, Cabin Fever sets up all the cliches of its particular subgenre (what might be called the “sexy young people go into the woods” horror movie, featuring hostile redneck locals, dead animals on hooks, cars that suddenly stop running, etc.) and by the end has played a clever twist on every standard element, often to darkly comic effect. What’s the plot? Well, five sexy young people (Rider Strong, Jordan Ladd, Joey Kern, Cerina Vincent, and James DeBello) go to an isolated cabin where they contract a nasty bacteria…

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