Director: Giuseppe Tornatore

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Film:Cinema Paradiso

Cinema Paradiso

Giuseppe Tornatore

Giuseppe Tornatore’s beautiful 1988 film about a little boy’s love affair with the movies deservedly won an Oscar for Best Foreign Film and a Special Jury Prize at Cannes. Philippe Noiret plays a grizzled old projectionist who takes pride in his presentation of screen dreams for a town still recovering from World War II. When a child (Jacques Perrin) demonstrates fascination not only for movies but also for the process of showing them to an audience, a lifelong friendship is struck. This isn’t just one of those films for people who are already in love with the…

Film:The Legend of 1900

The Legend of 1900

Giuseppe Tornatore

From Giuseppe Tornatore, director of the Academy Award-winning Cinema Paradiso, comes this magical fable of an extraordinary man who lives a remarkable life without setting foot on land. Abandoned atop a piano and raised by a lowly crew member in the bowels of a luxurious cruise ship, the boy is dubbed 1900 for the year he was born. As he grows up, he is drawn to the piano and discovers he has an amazing gift for creating music. The prodigy dazzles the passengers, and his reputation spreads around the world, with record producers clamoring to capture his magic. But he refuses to leave the ship to pursue promised fame and fortune. Only when he spots a beautiful girl on board does he become determined to join the outside world and live a normal life. But is that the life he really wants?

With a beautiful score by Academy Award nominee Ennio Morricone (Days of Heaven, The Untouchables) and heartfelt…[more]

Film:Malèna (2000)


Giuseppe Tornatore

When 12-year-old Renato, riding through his small Italian town on his new bicycle, sees the voluptuous Malèna, little does he know he’s launching on an infatuation that will carry him through the tumultuous days of World War II. Malèna begins as an enraptured depiction of Renato’s adolescent mind—the way he stares, hypnotized, at Malèna’s garters pressing through the material of her tight skirt, or his frustrated rebellion against the indignity of wearing short pants—but soon transforms into a portrait of small-town prejudice. Malèna’s looks spark lust and…

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