Director: Guillaume Canet

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Film:Tell No One

Tell No One: (Ne le dis à personne)

Guillaume Canet

Eight years after the savage murder of his wife Margot, Alex Beck (Francois Cluzet) remains psychologically distraught. Only the friendship he has formed with Helene Perkins (Kristin Scott-Thomas) saves him from isolation from the rest of the world.

But when two new bodies are uncovered near where Margot’s body was discovered, Margot’s case is reopened and Alex becomes a prime suspect. At the same time, Alex receives an anonymous email. When he clicks on the link he sees a woman s face standing in the crowd and being filmed in real time Margot s face. Is she still alive? And why does she instruct him to tell no one?

Based on the international best-selling novel by Harlan Coben.

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