Director: Louis Malle

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Film:Atlantic City

Atlantic City

Louis Malle

Though set in America, this was directed by Frenchman Louis Malle, and the atmosphere is very European. An edgy character study of losers and would be winners, this was written by playwright John Guare.

Susan Sarandon’s sad-eyed appeal won her an Academy Award nomination for her role as a croupier hoping to learn the ropes and move on to the more glamorous casinos of Monte Carlo. Burt Lancaster, who was also nominated for an Oscar, turns in one of the most memorable performances of his career. As Lou, an aged two-bit hood, he brags about his flamboyant…

Film:Au Revoir Les Enfants

Au Revoir Les Enfants

Louis Malle

Based on events from writer-director Louis Malle’s own childhood, Au revoir les enfants is the tragic story of friendship and devastating loss between two boys at a Catholic board-school in Nazi-occupied France. Julien befriends Jean, and the two precocious youths enjoy true camaraderie until Jean’s secret—that he is a Jew being hid by sympathetic priests—is revealed. Subtly and precisely observed, the film is a tale of cowardice and courage and ultimately heartbreaking awakening into adulthood.

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