Director: Roger Donaldson

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Film:The Bank Job

The Bank Job

Roger Donaldson

What do two career criminals, a couple of urban gangsters, a brutal drug lord, a crooked FBI agent, Arab terrorists and a criminal snitch have in common? A lot more than you might think! On a blistering Southern California day, Kenny (Brad Jurjens) gets out of the joint and immediately partners up with his old pal (and accidental murderer) Brandon (Johann Urb) to plot one last bank heist. As Brandon is left wounded in the heist, they opt to steal a cherry red Mustang with a big surprise in the trunk. All they wanted was a fast getaway to Brazil, but with success yields a lot of headaches…and a lot of fun. Strap in and take a ride on the wild side with this colorful cast of characters, crazy car chases, police shoot-outs, international conspiracy—it’s all in a days work for these low-lifes. Perry Caravello also stars as Carmine the Drug Lord.



Roger Donaldson

There’s a kind of perverse marketing genius at work in this cheesy sci-fi hit from 1995 in which scientists create a half-human, half-alien woman named Sil (Natasha Henstridge) who’s capable of morphing from a slimy, tentacled creature into a blonde babe with the body of a Playboy centerfold. This makes it easy for Sil to lure gullible guys who are only too willing to indulge her voracious mating urge, realizing too late that sex with Sil is anything but safe. As the body count rises, a handpicked team of specialists tracks the alien’s killing spree, but…

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