Director: Roy Andersson

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Film:Songs From the Second Floor

Songs From the Second Floor: (Sånger från andra våningen)

Roy Andersson

One evening somewhere in our hemisphere, a strange series of illogical events take place: a clerk is made redundant in a degrading manner; a lost immigrant is violently attacked in a busy street; a magician makes a terrible error in his act…sleep on this night does not come easily to the citizens of this town.

The following day, the signs of chaos are taking hold as the madness grips a board of directors and the city itself is strangled by a horrendous traffic jam. In the midst of this mayhem, one person stands out: Karl—covered in soot from the fire he had set to burn down his furniture store in order to get the insurance money.

While the new millennium is casting its web and creating a vast mental breakdown, Karl gradually becomes conscious of the absurdity of the world and realizes just how difficult it is to be human.

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