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Film:At Five in the Afternoon

At Five in the Afternoon: (Panj é Asr)

Samira Makhmalbaf

At Five in the Afternoon is Samira Makhmalbaf’s third feature film, and the very first foreign film to be made in Kabul since the Taliban ruled. Two years after her father, director/ producer Mohsen Makhmalbaf made the highly acclaimed Kandahar, it is now his daughter Samira’s turn to concern herself with the plight Afghan women. More specifically the plight of Noqreh, a progressive young woman played by a non-professional actor, trying to survive in post-Taliban Afghanistan.

We follow her as she goes about her daily life—girls’ schools have now been reopened, but frustrated by a strained relationship with a bigoted but loving father she dreams of becoming…President of the Republic!

A bitter political statement, a harsh and cruel tale, but an exquisitely moving, often comic depiction of life after the Taliban.


Blackboards: (Takhté siah)

Samira Makhmalbaf

A group of male teachers crossesma the mountainous paths of the remote Iranian Kurdistan region. They wander from village to village in search of students, carrying large blackboards on their backs, sometimes using them as shelter, camouflage and as shields for gunfire. One teacher ventures away from the group and meets up with a group of young boys who are carrying contraband across the border. Another teacher comes upon a group of old refugees who want to return to their village in Kurdistan, which was chemically attacked by the Iraqis. The teachers must also face other hardships and obstacles along the way, including unseen enemy helicopters and gunfire. Samira Makhmalbaf’s award-winning film is a visually powerful and compelling depiction of a group of people who must battle for survival every day of their lives.

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