Film: The Puppet Masters

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The Puppet Masters

Director: Stuart Orme
Distributor: Walt Disney Video

Here’s the edge-of-your-seat thriller that delivers unrelenting suspense and nonstop action! Donald Sutherland (Disclosure, Backdraft) leads a team of top-level government agents who make a chilling discovery: extraterrestrial beings have landed and are quickly taking control of the residents of a small midwestern town—manipulating their bodies and minds like puppets! Faced with an escalating crisis as the creatures multiply and spread, the team must somehow eliminate the seemingly unstoppable aliens. With riveting special effects and heart-stopping action, The Puppet Masters is sure to thrill you!

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Earth was being invaded by aliens and the top security agencies were helpless: the aliens were controlling the mind of every person they encountered. So it was up to Sam Cavanaugh, secret agent for a powerful and deadly spy network, to find a way to stop them—which meant he had to be invaded himself!

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