Honor roll: Agatha Award for Best Children’s/Young Adult authors

Each of these authors has been nominated for an Agatha Award for Best Children’s/Young Adult. They are ranked by honors given those books nominated for the aforementioned award.

1Elizabeth Wein (46.63)16Rebecca Stead (16.63)31Amy Wummer (6.59)
2Chris Grabenstein (41.79)17Matthew J. Kirby (16.62)32Lewis B. Montgomery (6.59)
3Carl Hiaasen (41.13)18Kathleen Karr (16.54)33Valerie O. Patterson (6.59)
4Penny Warner (37.75)19R.L. LaFevers (13.17)34John Feinstein (6.57)
5Sarah Masters Buckey (30.23)20Gay Toltl Kinman (13.04)35Kathleen Benner Duble (6.57)
6Blue Balliett (26.57)21John Grisham (12.63)36Tracy Mack (6.56)
7Brett Helquist (26.57)22Elizabeth George (12.63)37Michael Citrin (6.56)
8Peter Abrahams (25.7)23Shawn Thomas Odyssey (12.62)38Elise Weston (6.55)
9Andrew Clements (22.59)24Nancy Springer (12.6)39Elizabeth McDavid Jones (6.53)
10Kathleen Ernst (19.61)25John C. Ford (12.6)40Anne Capeci (6.53)
11Harlan Coben (19.24)26Mary Hoffman (12.57)41Paul Casale (6.53)
12Harriet K. Feder (18.52)27Michael Dahl (12.52)42K.M. Kimball (6.52)
13Nancy Means Wright (17.14)28Sarah Smith (10.6)43Linda Stewart (6.52)
14Daniel J. Hale (17.06)29Y.S. Lee (6.6)44Carroll Thomas (6.51)
15Matthew LaBrot (17.06)30Kathy Reichs (6.6)45Larry Howard (6.51)
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