Honor roll: Coretta Scott King Illustrator Award authors

Each of these authors has been nominated for a Coretta Scott King Illustrator Award. They are ranked by honors given those books nominated for the aforementioned award.

1Kadir Nelson (70.96)19Shane W. Evans (10.62)37Valerie Flournoy (10.36)
2Jerry Pinkney (64.7)20Charles R. Smith Jr. (10.6)38Pat Cummings (10.34)
3Bryan Collier (54.31)21Floyd Cooper (10.59)39Mildred Pitts Walter (10.34)
4Ashley Bryan (31.43)22Joyce Carol Thomas (10.59)40Peter Mugabane (10.33)
5Tom Feelings (31.19)23Ntozake Shange (10.55)41Rosa Guy (10.32)
6John Steptoe (30.7)24Kim L. Siegelson (10.5)42Carole Byard (10.3)
7Carole Boston Weatherford (29.16)25Brian Pinkney (10.5)43Camille Yarbrough (10.3)
8Langston Hughes (27.83)26Toyomi Igus (10.49)44Carole Bayard (10.28)
9Patricia C. McKissack (20.91)27Michele Wood (10.49)45George Ford (10.24)
10Nikki Grimes (20.82)28James E. Ransome (10.45)46Sharon Bell Mathis (10.24)
11Eloise Greenfield (20.68)29James Weldon Johnson (10.45)47Daniel Minter (6.63)
12E.B. Lewis (17.13)30Kathleen Atkins Wilson (10.43)48Martin Luther King Jr. (6.63)
13Javaka Steptoe (17.09)31David A. Anderson (10.43)49Kelly Starling Lyons (6.63)
14Laban Carrick Hill (16.61)32Leo Dillon (10.41)50Christopher Myers (6.63)
15Nikki Giovanni (16.56)33Leontyne Price (10.41)51Gary Golio (6.61)
16Alan Schroeder (16.47)34Diane Dillon (10.41)52Dianna Hutts Aston (6.59)
17Faith Ringgold (16.42)35Jan Spivey Gilchrist (10.4)
18Sean Qualls (12.59)36Crescent Dragonwagon (10.37)
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