Honor roll: Governor General's Literary Award for Poetry authors

Each of these authors has been nominated for a Governor General's Literary Award for Poetry. They are ranked by honors given those books nominated for the aforementioned award.

1Roo Borson (20.55)10Jacob Scheier (10.58)19Lisa Pasold (6.62)
2Don Domanski (17.2)11John Pass (10.56)20A.F. Moritz (6.62)
3Phil Hall (16.62)12Anne Compton (10.55)21David McGimpsey (6.62)
4Don McKay (16.51)13Tim Lilburn (10.54)22Michael Boughn (6.61)
5James Pollock (12.63)14Roy Miki (10.52)23Garry Thomas Morse (6.61)
6Katherena Vermette (10.63)15George Elliott Clarke (10.51)24Kate Eichhorn (6.61)
7Julie Bruck (10.62)16Austin Clarke (6.63)25Susan Musgrave (6.61)
8Richard Greene (10.6)17Adam Dickinson (6.63)
9David Zieroth (10.59)18Russell Thornton (6.63)
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