Honor roll: Grammy Award for Album of the Year artists

Each of these artists has been nominated for a Grammy Award for Album of the Year. They are ranked by honors given those albums nominated for the aforementioned award.

1U2 (35.06)10Mariah Carey (14.55)19Paul McCartney (10.55)
2OutKast (35.04)11Green Day (14.54)20Gwen Stefani (10.55)
3Kanye West (29.09)12Alicia Keys (14.54)21Evanescence (10.53)
4Eminem (29.02)13Usher (14.54)22Missy Elliott (10.53)
5Ray Charles (20.54)14The White Stripes (14.53)23Nelly (10.52)
6Norah Jones (20.52)15Justin Timberlake (14.53)24India.Arie (10.51)
7Steely Dan (20.5)16Dixie Chicks (14.52)25Beck (10.5)
8Various Artists (16.51)17Bruce Springsteen (14.52)26Bob Dylan (4.51)
9T-Bone Burnett (16.51)18Radiohead (14.5)27Paul Simon (4.5)
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