Honor roll: Grammy Award for Best Pop Vocal Album artists

Each of these artists has been nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Pop Vocal Album. They are ranked by honors given those albums nominated for the aforementioned award.

1Norah Jones (27.06)10Sade (10.51)19Michael McDonald (6.53)
2Ray Charles (20.54)11Sheryl Crow (6.55)20No Doubt (6.52)
3Steely Dan (20.5)12Fiona Apple (6.55)21Avril Lavigne (6.52)
4Justin Timberlake (14.53)13Brian Wilson (6.54)22Pink (6.52)
5Britney Spears (13.02)14Sarah McLachlan (6.54)23Elton John (6.51)
6Nsync (13.01)15Joss Stone (6.54)24Janet Jackson (6.51)
7Gwen Stefani (10.55)16Annie Lennox (6.53)25Nelly Furtado (6.51)
8Paul McCartney (10.55)17George Harrison (6.53)26Madonna (6.5)
9Kelly Clarkson (10.55)18Christina Aguilera (6.53)27Don Henley (6.5)
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