Honor roll: Lenore Marshall Poetry Prize authors

Each of these authors has been nominated for a Lenore Marshall Poetry Prize. They are ranked by honors given those books nominated for the aforementioned award.

1Adrienne Rich (32.42)17Alice Notley (10.57)33Josephine Miles (10.34)
2Michael Ryan (26.95)18Eleanor Lerman (10.56)34George Starbuck (10.33)
3C.D. Wright (26.61)19Anne Winters (10.55)35John Logan (10.32)
4Jack Gilbert (26.56)20Donald Revell (10.54)36Sterling A. Brown (10.31)
5David Wojahn (23.19)21Eamon Grennan (10.53)37Stanley Kunitz (10.3)
6Robert Pinsky (22.47)22Madeline Defrees (10.52)38Hayden Carruth (10.29)
7David Ferry (20.5)23Wanda Coleman (10.49)39Allen Tate (10.28)
8Jean Valentine (16.55)24Marilyn Hacker (10.45)40Philip Levine (10.27)
9Fanny Howe (16.51)25William S. Merwin (10.44)41Denise Levertov (10.26)
10Mark Jarman (16.48)26Thom Gunn (10.43)42Cid Corman (10.25)
11Charles Wright (16.46)27John Haines (10.41)43Dorianne Laux (6.56)
12Ron Slate (12.56)28Thomas McGrath (10.39)44Christian Barter (6.56)
13Patricia Smith (10.63)29Josephine Jacobsen (10.38)45Claudia Rankine (6.55)
14John Koethe (10.6)30Donald Hall (10.37)46Sharon Olds (6.55)
15Linda Gregg (10.59)31Howard Moss (10.36)47Marianne Boruch (6.55)
16Henri Cole (10.58)32John Ashbery (10.35)
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