Honor roll: National Book Award for Translation

Each of these books has been nominated for a National Book Award for Translation. They are ranked by honors received.

Book:Les Fleurs Du Mal

Les Fleurs Du Mal

Charles Baudelaire, Richard Howard

Book:In the Shade of Spring Leaves

In the Shade of Spring Leaves: The Life and Writings of Higuchi Ichiyo, a Woman of Letters in Meiji Japan

Robert Lyons Danly

Book:The Ten Thousand Leaves

The Ten Thousand Leaves: A Translation of the Man Yoshu, Japan's Premier Anthology of Classical Poetry

Ian Hideo Levy

Book:Evening Edged in Gold

Evening Edged in Gold

Arno Schmidt, John E. Woods

Book:The Letters of Gustave Flaubert, 1857-1880

The Letters of Gustave Flaubert, 1857-1880

Francis Steegmuller

The Paris theater world, the hot literary gossip, scenes of domestic life, and the inner workings of two of France’s most notorious free spirits.

Generally reckoned to be one of the most fascinating correspondences of the last century, this exchange of letters from 1863 to 1876 is unique in the history of French literature. Never have two great writers set down their ideas so candidly and over so long a period of time on the most varied topics, including the genesis of their own writings. The elements of this correspondence have been available for over a century, but never in a form accessible to the general reader. For this edition, Alphonse Jacob has re-created the atmosphere in which the letters were written and has revived this masterpiece by two of France’s greatest novelists: their intimate correspondence.

Book:The Complete Critical Prose

The Complete Critical Prose

Osip Mandelstam, Jane Gary Harris

Acclaimed in both Russia and the West as Russia’s greatest poet of the 20th century, Osip Mandelstam was also a brilliant writer of prose. These autobiographical essays, reviews, and personal reflections reveal the themes of his finest poems and of his life in Stalinist Russia: the nature of history, both as it is lived and as it is later constructed; the continuity and destruction of cultural tradition, and the essence of poetry itself.

Book:Hard Labor

Hard Labor

Cesare Pavese, William Arrowsmith

Book:Complete Posthumous Poetry

Complete Posthumous Poetry

César Vallejo, Clayton Eshleman, Jose Rubia Barcia

The Translation judges for the National Book Awards—Richard Miller, Alastair Reid, Eliot Weinberger—cites Clayton Eshleman and Jose Rubia Barcia’s translation of Cesar Vallejo’s The Complete Posthumous Poetry as follows:

“This, the first National Book Award to be given to a translation of modern poetry, is a recognition of Clayton Esheman’s seventeen-year apprenticeship to perhaps the most difficult poetry in the Spanish language. Eshleman and his present collaborator, Jose Rubia Barcia, have not only rendered these complex poems into brilliant and living English, but have also established a definitive Spanish test based on Vallejo’s densely rewritten manuscripts. In recreating this modern master in English, they have also made a considerable addition to poetry in our language.”

Book:In the Deserts of This Earth

In the Deserts of This Earth

Uwe George, Richard Winston, Clara Winston

Book:Master Tung's Western Chamber Romance

Master Tung's Western Chamber Romance

Chieh-Yuan Tung, Li-Li Chen

This twelfth century masterpiece suffered virtual oblivion from the late fourteenth century until 1912, when it was rediscovered by the great sinologist Wang Kuo-wei who helped restore it to its preeminent position in Chinese literature. Comprising 184 prose passages and 5,263 lines of verse to be narrated and sung by a performing singer-storyteller, it is an elaboration of the T´ang dynasty love story, The Story of Ying-ying, by Yuan Chen (779-831).

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