Honor roll: Royal Society Prize for Junior Science Book

Each of these works has been nominated for one of these awards: Aventis Prize for Junior Science Book, Royal Society Prize for Junior Science Book. They are ranked by honors received.

Book:The Way Things Work

The Way Things Work

David Macaulay

The information age is upon us, baffling us with thousands of complicated state-of-the-art technologies. To help make sense of the computer age, David Macaulay brings us The New Way Things Work. This completely updated and expanded edition describes twelve new machines and includes more than seventy new pages detailing the latest innovations. With an entirely new section that guides us through the complicated world of digital machinery, where masses of electronic information can be squeezed onto a single tiny microchip, this revised edition embraces all of the newest developments, from cars to watches. Each scientific principle is brilliantly explained—with the help of a charming, if rather slow-witted, woolly mammoth.

Book:Big Book of Science Things to Make and Do

Big Book of Science Things to Make and Do

Rebecca Gilpin, Leonie Pratt

Here are over fifty fantastically fun projects that use easy-to-find everyday materials. Make things that fly, fling, spin, swim, whoosh, zoom and ooze, and discover the surprising science behind them.

Book:Can You Feel the Force?

Can You Feel the Force?: Putting the Fizz Back into Physics

Richard Hammond

Take a thrilling high-energy journey through time, space and beyond! Why does your stomach go right uuuuup…when a roller coaster plunges straight dooowwwwn? How does a cold ball bounce 80% higher than a warm one? What’s it actually like inside an atom? Physics doesn’t just happen in a lab—it happens in the kitchen, in your bath, in a car! Join author Richard Hammond to discover the physical forces that make the universe and everything in it the way it is. It is crammed with fascinating physics facts, puzzles, brainteasers and interactive experiments. Find out how science affects everything, from roller coasters to fighter pilots, in this totally cool look at the weird and wonderful world of physics, with the hard bits left out!

Book:The Global Garden

The Global Garden

Kate Petty, Jennie Maizels

This fun and informative book introduces readers to the world of plants and all the wonderful things they give us

Here is the sixth title in the stunningly successful sequence that began with The Great Grammar Book. The Global Garden, inspired by the Eden Project in Cornwall, England, describes with flaps, pop-ups and superb illustrations, how your jeans grew, where sugar comes from, what a chocolate tree looks like, as well as many more things you’ll be amazed to discover.

Book:What Makes Me Me?

What Makes Me Me?

Robert Winston

In search of the origin of individuality, world-renowned scientist and author Robert Winston takes the reader on a tour of the human mind and body. Winston’s exploration of the human body goes beyond cells and anatomy to examine how genes and experience determine who we are.

This brightly colored and vividly designed book takes a new and exciting approach to learning about human beings. What Makes Me Me? is the first children’s book to explore how genes, experience, and biology work together to make every person unique.

Book:Really Rotten Experiments

Really Rotten Experiments: Horrible Science series

Nick Arnold, Tony De Saulles

Book:DK Guide to the Oceans

DK Guide to the Oceans: A Thrilling Journey into a Watery World

Frances Dipper

Dramatic digital-terrain mapping and superb photography bring life and color to the exploration of the oceans in this latest book in the award-winning DK Guides series. What goes on in the depths of our watery planet is big news these days. Remarkable and unique views of our oceans show children a fantastic array of marine life, explain how the seas control weather, tell of threats to the environment, dissect shipwrecks, and much more. Junior marine biologists and lay readers alike will have a field day with this comprehensive and stunning look at the wonderful world of water.

Book:DK Guide to the Human Body

DK Guide to the Human Body: A Photographic Journey Through the Human Body

Richard Walker

Revealed in fantastic computer-enhanced, three-dimensional pictures, the complex internal world of the human body is explored in DK Guide to the Human Body. In different sections of the book, the ingenious processes involved in moving, breathing, digesting food, producing babies, growing, and fighting off disease are explained in clear, lively text. The elaborate network of nerves that reach to the body’s furthest extremities and carry data back to the brain is explored in fascinating detail.

With page after page of groundbreaking imaging techniques in DK Guide to the Human Body, the layers of skin, flesh, bones, and other organs can be explored as they never have been before. Unravel 22 feet of small intestine and find out what happens to the good that travels through it at different stages of its journey. Be amazed by the power of the human eye and its ability to relay to the brain the difference between 10,000 different colors. Discover how the kidneys, at only 4 inches long, process…[more]

Book:DK Guide to the Weather

DK Guide to the Weather: A Photographic Journey Through the Skies

Michael Allaby

The weather is the most dangerous and unpredictable of natural forces at work on our planet. Earth’s chaotic atmosphere can strike at random- with little warning and devastating consequences. A thunderstorm can release as much energy as a nuclear bomb, and there are 2,000 in progress on Earth as you read this sentence. But thunderstorms are small fry compared with the worst assaults the atmosphere throws at us. Tornadoes can tear up roads like paper, and category-5 hurricanes can reduce whole cities to rubble and splinters.

DK Guide to Weather is an exciting guide to both the best and the worst of Earth’s astonishing weather phenomena, from savage hurricanes to bizarre tricks of light such as specters and icebows. Packed with drama, this stunning book will capture the imagination of anyone interested in our world.

Book:Guide to Space

Guide to Space: A Photographic Journey Through the Universe

Peter Bond

A look at space that’s out of this world! The DK Guide to Space takes the reader on a fascinating journey through our universe, using the latest space photography from the Hubble Telescope in a large format to create a dramatic guide to the exploration of space. The NASA photographs are supported by clear artwork explaining complex ideas. Space exploration, astronomy, and cosmology are explored in clear, concise text. Packed with information, this stunning photographic book will capture the imagination of both space enthusiasts and those who are just beginning to learn about our universe. Stunning presentation of the latest NASA and Hubble telescope photography. Over 300 dazzling color photographs.

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