Honor roll: Royal Society Prize for Junior Science Book authors

Each of these authors has been nominated for one of these awards: Aventis Prize for Junior Science Book, Royal Society Prize for Junior Science Book. They are ranked by honors given those works nominated for the aforementioned awards.

1Nick Arnold (27.54)23Frances Dipper (10.53)45John Farndon (6.57)
2Richard Walker (23.65)24Michael Allaby (10.51)46Nicola Morgan (6.56)
3David Lambert (20.92)25Peter Bond (10.5)47Johnny Ball (6.56)
4Mic Rolph (20.82)26Kirsteen Rogers (10.49)48Richard Platt (6.56)
5Fran Balkwill (20.82)27Jay Young (10.45)49Georgina Andrews (6.56)
6David Macaulay (20.39)28Rebecca Heddle (10.44)50Kate Knighton (6.56)
7Robert Winston (17.13)29Linda Gamlin (10.44)51Nicki Greenberg (6.56)
8Tony De Saulles (17.07)30Paul Shipton (10.44)52Robin Scagell (6.55)
9Christopher Maynard (16.98)31Thompson Yardley (10.43)53Laura Howell (6.55)
10Robin Kerrod (16.91)32Peter Rowan (10.42)54Sarah Khan (6.55)
11Ralph Lazar (13.15)33Susan Mayes (10.4)55Clare Oliver (6.54)
12Lisa Swerling (13.15)34Ian Ridpath (10.4)56Peter Riley (6.54)
13Nicholas Harris (13.08)35Bruce Parry (6.58)57Peter Ackroyd (6.54)
14David Burnie (13.07)36Kate Sheppard (6.58)58Sharon Ann Holgate (6.53)
15Sally Hewitt (13.07)37Claire Llewellyn (6.58)59Sholly Fisch (6.53)
16Phillip Clarke (13.07)38Glenn Murphy (6.58)60Mark Oliver (6.53)
17Mike Goldsmith (13.06)39Marshall Corwin (6.58)61Alastair Smith (6.52)
18Rebecca Gilpin (10.58)40Andrew Langley (6.57)62Jacqui Bailey (6.52)
19Leonie Pratt (10.58)41Vanessa Woods (6.57)63Matthew Lilly (6.52)
20Richard Hammond (10.57)42Heather Catchpole (6.57)64Philip Reeve (6.52)
21Kate Petty (10.56)43Mick Manning (6.57)65Corinne Henderson (6.52)
22Jennie Maizels (10.56)44Brita Granström (6.57)
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