Honor roll: Yale Younger Poets Prize authors

Each of these authors has been nominated for a Yale Younger Poets Prize. They are ranked by honors given those books nominated for the aforementioned award.

1Katherine Larson (20.62)9Fady Joudah (10.57)17Talvikki Ansel (10.47)
2Richard Siken (16.55)10Jessica Fisher (10.56)18Ellen Hinsey (10.46)
3Davis McCombs (16.5)11Jay Hopler (10.55)19T. Crunk (10.45)
4Eryn Green (10.63)12Peter Streckfus (10.53)20Valerie Wohlfeld (10.44)
5Will Schutt (10.62)13Loren Goodman (10.52)21Jody Gladding (10.43)
6Eduardo C. Corral (10.61)14Sean Singer (10.51)22Nicholas Samaras (10.42)
7Ken Chen (10.59)15Maurice Manning (10.5)23Christiane Jacox Kyle (10.41)
8Arda Collins (10.58)16Craig Arnold (10.48)24Daniel Hall (10.4)
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