Illustrator: Emma Stevenson

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Book:Mysterious Bones: The Story of Kennewick Man

Mysterious Bones: The Story of Kennewick Man

Katherine Kirkpatrick, Emma Stevenson

This stunningly illustrated nonfiction account explores the 1996 discovery of the skeletal remains of Kennewick Man.

When two young men who were sneaking into a boat race accidentally uncovered a skeleton along a bank of the Columbia River in Kennewick, Washington, in 1996, they had no idea of the impact their discovery would have. The bones were those of one of the oldest and most complete skeletons ever recovered in this country and led to one of the most important archaeological controversies of modern times. Kennewick Man transformed long-held theories about the colonization of the Americas and sparked a nine-year battle pitting scientists against Native American tribes for control of the remains. Beautifully illustrated with drawings, diagrams, and maps, the book offers a fascinating look at forensic anthropology at its most exciting, describing the scientific methods used, the surprises revealed, and the unsolved mysteries that resulted from these discoveries. Time line, glossary, chapter notes, bibliography are included.

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