Poet: Adam Dickinson

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Book:The Polymers (Adam Dickinson)

The Polymers

Adam Dickinson

The Polymers is a bold and brilliant new work from one of our most ambitious poetic minds. Structured as an imaginary science project, the varied pieces in this collection investigate the intersection of poetry and chemicals, specifically plastics, attempting to understand their essential role in culture. Through various procedures, constraints, and formal mutations, the poems express the repeating structures fundamental to plastic molecules as they appear in cultural and linguistic behaviours such as arguments, anxieties, and trends. Adam Dickinson’s poems challenge our understanding of the world around us while simultaneously demonstrating the plasticity at work in the very words we use to describe this world.

A wildly experimental and chemically reactive work, The Polymers thrills and provokes. You’ll never look at the world of a poem — or the world itself — in the same way again.

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