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Bernard O'Donoghue

This is the sequel to the author’s first collection of poems, which was shortlisted for the Forward Poetry Prize. Many of the poems in this collection reflect the author’s Irish background, including pen-portraits of his family and friends, and are by turns haunting and hilarious.

Book:Farmers Cross

Farmers Cross

Bernard O'Donoghue

This book brings together subtle and moving meditations on exile and belonging, travel and home, and honours many friends and loved ones along the way. In a series of poems that frequently recall the south-west Ireland of the author’s childhood, Farmers Cross shows the author writing at his visionary and lyrical best.

Book:Outliving (Bernard O'Donoghue)


Bernard O'Donoghue

Bernard O’Donoghue’s magnificent fourth collection of poetry explores its title in a series of beautifully wrought poems whose simple elegance belie their complexity. There are moving elegies for people the poet has outlived. There are poems too about living outside the poet’s original environment and the inclination to return there for stories and feelings: the MacNeicean ‘tourist in his own country’, perpetually restive and perpetually homesick. But most important there is ‘outliving’ as in ‘outdoing’, or living a life of higher quality: the drinking of ‘red wine outside in the sunlit squares’ that is accorded to the less privileged—to building site workers or young soldiers who are cannon-fodder in the world’s trouble-spots.

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