Poet: Don Domanski

Don Domanki was born and raised in Cape Breton Island and now lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Published and reviewed internationally, his work has been translated into Czech, Portuguese, and Spanish.


Book:All Our Wonder Unavenged

All Our Wonder Unavenged

Don Domanski

Don Domanski’s eighth book of poetry is full of a meditative alertness that, through metaphor and insight, manages to simultaneously transform our reality and reveal it. In fluid, intensely moving poems, Domanski shows us what Roo Borson calls a “mirror for the inexhaustible” and is nothing less than an illuminating distillation of what it means to be alive in a sentient universe. This is a book to renew one’s belief in the sacredness of writing. “As far as I am concerned, there is no better poet writing in English.”—Mark Strand.

Book:Bite Down Little Whisper

Bite Down Little Whisper

Don Domanski

From a master poet, meditative lines running like veins through the dark grace of being alive.

Award–winning poet Don Domanski’s new collection, Bite Down Little Whisper, delves into the interconnectedness of all life with spiritual gravitas and powerful mindfulness. These are poems brimming with mythological and scientific energies, with a multi-dimensionality that opens itself to both complexity and clarity. Domanski shows us seams and fastenings that unite our longings with the earth itself, with the nonhuman vitality that surrounds us. The heart’s need for unity and reverence is present in these poems as a whisper we hear in occasional moments of quietude, when it’s possible to perceive the workings of a larger existence.

Quietude is called returning to life Lao Tze says…[more]
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