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Book:Hide Now

Hide Now

Glyn Maxwell

In Hide Now, Glyn Maxwell shows how the times have begun to warp time itself: in the poet’s vision, the past rears up again with its angry ghosts, the present is racked by its martial and climatic nightmares, and the future has already come and gone. All the stories of the earth seem menaced by just one—to which nations cover their eyes and ears, and from which the grown-ups run and hide. Scheherazade, Robespierre, Dick Cheney and the Reverend Jim Jones all have their place here, though the book’s presiding genius is the lonely figure of Cassandra, cursed with knowing the fate of a world that finds her screamingly funny.

Glyn Maxwell has established an international reputation as one of the most intelligent and stylishly original English poets since Auden, and he has never written with greater urgency or power. “[Maxwell’s] astonishing technical facility can make syllables, vowels and consonants do absolutely anything. His energetic voice riffs through evasively ordinary speech taking on love, politics, comedy and bizarre narratives in brilliantly elaborate syntax and forms” —Independent

Book:Rest for the Wicked

Rest for the Wicked

Glyn Maxwell

Maxwell’s precocious, prolific talent has established him as one of the brightest stars in the recent resurgence of British poetry. This, his third collection is another Poetry Book Society Recommendation. Its focus is men. The poems sort the men from the boys: boys at play, men at war, boys grown up, men reverting, men in love and poetry and politics, running countries, ruining things. From the playground to the bedroom to the battlefield, by way of Heaven, Home, and Hell, Maxwell rummages for the remains of childhood in the remains of the civilized.

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