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Book:The Speed of Dark (Duhig)

The Speed of Dark

Ian Duhig

Ian Duhig’s The Speed of Dark is structured around his astonishing reworking of the text of Le Roman de Fauvel, a medieval text that railed against the corruption of the 12th-century French court and church. In Duhig’s hands, however, the tale of the power-mad horse-king Fauvel gains a terrifying and almost prophetic contemporary relevance, and is identified with more recent crusades, crazed ambitions and insatiable greeds. Elsewhere Duhig’s many admirers will be delighted by his new ballads and elegies, his erudite high jinks and his low gags—with which he builds on the new imaginative territory he staked out in The Lammas Hireling to such universal acclaim. The Speed of Dark again shows Duhig as one the most capacious and brilliant minds in contemporary poetry.

Book:The Lammas Hireling

The Lammas Hireling

Ian Duhig

Ian Duhig has long inspired a fervent and devoted following. With the Lammas Hireling—the title poem having already won both the National Poetry Competition and the Forward Prize for Best Poem—Duhig has produced his most accessible and exciting volume to date, and looks set to reach a whole new audience. A poet of lightning wit and great erudition, Duhig is also a master balladeer and storyteller who shows that poetry is still the most powerful way in which our social history—our lives, loves and work—can be celebrated and commemorated.

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