Poet: Kate Eichhorn

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Book:Fieldnotes, A Forensic

Fieldnotes, A Forensic

Kate Eichhorn

Fieldnotes, A Forensic charts one forensic anthropologist’s series of descents in the first decade of the new millennium—a decade when forensic discourses and experts became ubiquitous in popular culture and on the daily news. But the edgy, passionate and erudite writer of these fieldnotes is no Temperance Brennan or Kathy Reichs. Part parody of popular discourses on the forensic anthropologist, part exegesis of the fieldnote genre, and part response to the natural and human catastrophes that unfolded during the writing of this book, Eichhorn’s second collection continues to explore the poetics and affective dimensions of knowledge making at the edges of poetry and fiction.

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